PETITION: Med2 Multiplayer Crises

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PETITION: Med2 Multiplayer Crises

Postautor: }Arcani{_Caelryck » 08 lip 2008, 14:17

Honorable members of IPL,

As you've no doubt noticed, Medieval II in particular has suffered extreme setbacks in its multiplayer community, at the hands of GameSpy and its log-in problems.

Nowadays, Med2 sees only 50+ players on during its peak time, as opposed to Rome's 100+, which is still pretty pitiful as it is.

25/6 Med2 lobby 58 - RTW lobby 121
26/6 Med2 lobby 48 - RTW lobby 125
27/6 Med2 lobby 52 - RTW lobby 112

This certainly isn't the results a fantastic series like Total War deserves.

In response to this disastrous turn of events, players from across the community are rallying together to put forth a petition to The Creative Assembly, SEGA and Gamespy. I'd like to encourage every member of IPL to also add their voices to this movement.

You can officially SIGN the petition here:

This is a very well-written document by Emperor Vladimir of The Warriors of Troy that addresses the specific technical difficulties we're facing. Hopefully, if we can eventually reach the many hundreds (or...thousands), someone of official capacity may actually notice our frustration for once, or perhaps we may even attract the attention the gaming media.

Whatever happens, its high time someone listens to us.

In much appreciation of your support,

~ Caelryck

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Postautor: Woland » 08 lip 2008, 15:40

I signed up the petition. I hope my clanmates will do the same.


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