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Presentation of [IPL] for Lordz forum

: 20 paź 2011, 11:03
autor: [NBC]NapLrd
Gents, is it possible you to write a brief presentation of IPL for Lordz forum - NTW3 Clans topic we plan to prepare.

"Anything" you like. Maybe a brief Poliash history in napoelonic era, your clans computer games, your clan leader, members, ranks if you have, your view on ntw3 and lordz community, maybe your clans code of conduct and/or objectives, what kind of requirements needed to join your clan etc. no limit or restrictions, i ll just add your clan links (forum and steam and your clan avatar).



you can pm me on this forum, reply to this post or mail me.

: 20 paź 2011, 12:19
autor: IPL_Dunleap
We will try our best, give us few day to prepare the text.

: 20 paź 2011, 13:01
autor: [NBC]NapLrd